How to choose the right scarf for women?

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Women’s scarves are such an appealing and practical wardrobe accessory that one must own a large and varied scarf assortment on hand. In addition to being a perfect fall and winter accessory to keep you warm and cosy and offering protection from rain, sun, and wind, they are stylish and gorgeous, adding a dramatic effect to every attire. 

No woman can ever say NO to having a scarf in her wardrobe or donning and styling one. But many women always get confused about which features to look for in a scarf while heading out to shop, whether they are women’s printed scarves, sport hijabs, or other styles.

Sometimes they don’t get the required fabric, they don’t like the fabric, it doesn’t feel comfortable, or sometimes they don’t get the matching scarf with their dress. And most of the time, the scarf isn’t appropriate for the occasion.

You don’t have to worry at all!

Following are the features to look for to choose the right scarf for women! 

Choose Pastel Shades or Vibrant, Cheery Hues!

If you want something that separates your face and skin tone from the garments you wear, choose a scarf in a colour that pops out your outfit or at least a colour that complements your skin tone. You can choose from cheery and bright hues to pastel and vibrant shades. 

Flattering Hues For Different Skin Tones!

When it comes to the scarf colours that complement different skin tones, mostly medium pink hues to subtle and soft pink complement fair skin tones, offering a natural, no makeup look.

Pink, lavender, beige and tawny work well for fair complexions. Coral and rose shades suit medium skin tones while dark-toned skin shines out in the shades of deep pinks and plums. 

Plus, lavenders and frosty pink shades work well for fairer complexions too while dark skin ladies can also try wearing muted shades of red, frosty browns, purples and magentas. 

Pay Close Attention to the Details and Other Little Things

If you like textures, embroidery, or sequins, make sure that the threads are not twisted or entangled, stitching/needlework is not falling apart, and all embellishments are well-fastened. Also, choose your decorations carefully. 

There is a huge variety available of decorative and embellished scarves out there, so you can pick the one you like the most. Plus, if you are not into embellishments and decorations, you can choose printed scarves, chiffon scarves, and jersey scarves

Pick From Various Shapes, Lengths, and Thicknesses!

Sometimes, you might want to wrap a scarf around and create a nice little cocoon to snuggle. Other times, you might need a wisp of material to tug against your neck in the breeze.

If you have square scarves in stock, avoid buying the same shape, length and thickness again. Playing around and experimenting is always recommended. You’ve got headscarves for women, and many other shapes and lengths. So, step out and get the one that flatters your overall look.   

Choose the Fabric According to the Weather and Occasion!

Just like there are different materials and fabrics for every weather, the same is the case for different occasions. Silk, linen, cotton, and fine wools work best for the spring and summer seasons while nylon and polyester are a big no because these fabrics are difficult to breathe in and sometimes cause rashes and irritation. There are tassel scarves, sports hijabs and jersey scarves available to wear on different occasions and in weather. Tassel hijabs are best for wearing during the fall and winter months while chiffon scarves are perfect for the summer and spring months. 

Wool also works best in winter. So choose wisely.

When getting into wearing a scarf at formal events, choose glossy materials like silk. Materials like silk are the star of the show. Any party, formal event, or wedding ceremony calls for silk outfits and accessories.

Interesting Ways To Tie A Scarf!

Now that you have enough useful guidelines for choosing a scarf, here is how you can tie your fav one!

These are the simplest and most flattering ways of tying your fav scarf employing a variety of loops and knots:

Simple Loop:

Here is how you can create a simple look. Take your fav scarf, double or fold it, wrap it over your neck, and pull both sides of the scarf at the front. The loop is ready. 

Here are a couple of other chic styles to get your scarf styling started!

Pretzel Loop:

The pretzel loop is a variation of the simple loop style mentioned above. 

Start by doubling up the scarf and wrapping it over your neck. This time, instead of pulling both sides through the loop, just pull one side through the inner side of the loop and pull the other side of the loop through the other side. 

Simple Knot:

Hang your scarf over your neck. 

Tie a simple knot over one side of the scarf and pull the other side through the knot, making it levelled with the knotted end. 

We hope you love reading the scarf purchasing guidelines and tying ideas, and will surely follow these whenever you head out to shop! You can also visit to buy scarves online UK!

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