How to find women’s jeans in the UK

perfect jeans for women

I’m ready to bet that at least half of you here reading this blog have cried in a trial room or your bedroom when trying out a pair of women’s jeans because of their non-perfect fit. No matter what shape, size and body type you have, denim jeans seem to be both the worst and the best in their existence. 

I often think that if men are aware of the trials and the difficulties women go through to find the right and proper fit of jeans. The denim dance we jiggle, wriggle and finagle that pants into the right position is a rite of passage. 

The saddest part here is that I thoroughly believe and notice on a daily basis that most women still don’t know about finding a proper fit for jeans. I, too, found my perfect pair after a long period of struggle when the fashion world woke up to the fact that jeans for women needed to be made available in the market above the waistline measurement of 32. Now, all the women who are petite, curvy, boyish, tall and everything in between have several types of jeans to opt for that complement their figure. 


Retailers Nowadays Cater for Every Woman!

These days, retailers have something for everyone; they cater for every woman regardless of their shape and size. Every lady is looked after in denim, and after a little bit of research, you can surely get whatever size your body finds perfect and well-fitted. 

Let’s head towards finding the perfect pair of jeans!


How to find the perfect fit for women’s jeans in the UK?

Know Your Waist Measurement & Inseam First!

First of all, you should be well aware of your waist measurement and inseam before anything else. And, carefully listen when retailers discuss the body shapes and types for which each jeans style is made and recommended. It can also be beneficial to trawl social media, particularly Instagram to find women whose body shape is similar to yours. Instagram Influencers and fashion bloggers are doing a lot of hard work in talking about the problems of fit, trying on different pairs of jeans, and figuring out the solutions to those problems. Find someone of your body shape and listen to which points they consider when looking for a well-fitted and flattering pair.   

Consider the Stretch Content in the Jeans!

Next and most important, take a look at the amount of stretch content in all the jeans you are trying on. Every woman will be having lots of pairs with zero stretch content, and that’s where the problem starts. 

Look for the words, spandex, lycra or elastane on the fabric tag. If the fabric tag has 100% cotton written on it, keep in mind that this pair of jeans will offer zero stretchability.  


Most Important Tip: Check Pocket Size!

This is one of the most important tips and points you need to focus on, although it is most often overlooked. When you take the denim jeans off the rack, turn them around and examine the size of the pockets. Any clothing brand for women that does not size up the pockets of the jeans as they usually size up the rest of the cloth, should be shamed publicly.

Tiny pockets are a bad giveaway for poor denim because pockets should be proportionate to the rest of the garments. A size eight pair of jeans should have pockets at least one-half of the size 18 pair of jeans. That little larger pocket will make a huge difference between a flattering and an unflattering fit. 

Get a Pair of Jeans that Help You Flaunt Your Best Features!

The fashion world is continuously evolving, where several fashion trends are on the top and hottest ones at once, and in the next season or year, they are replaced by another eye-catching trend. But, the market of jeans for women still has a long way to go as our wardrobes are incomplete without having one that flatters our body and makes us look gorgeous. So, knowing which features a pair of jeans must have to be your perfect fit is essential. Do a little research and get a pair that brings out your best features; it can be a pair of wide-leg jeans, stretch straight-cut jeans, elasticated jeans or high-rise jeans. 

Jeans have been a staple in the fashion world for decades, and it’s no surprise why. They are versatile, comfortable, and can be dressed up or down. However, with so many different styles, cuts, and washes, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect pair.

The good news is that there is a pair of jeans out there for everyone, regardless of body type or personal style. The key is to identify which features you want to accentuate and which ones you want to downplay.

For example, if you have an hourglass figure, you may want to look for jeans that hug your curves and have a high waistline to emphasize your waist. On the other hand, if you have a pear-shaped body, you may want to opt for jeans that balance out your proportions, such as bootcut or flare jeans.

It’s also important to consider the fabric and stretch of the jeans. If you prefer a more fitted look, you may want to choose jeans with a higher percentage of stretch. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, you can go for jeans with less stretch or even a straight cut.

Ultimately, the perfect pair of jeans is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. So, don’t be afraid to try on different styles and experiment with different washes until you find the one that flatters your body and highlights your best features.


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