Chanel Inimitable Multi Dimensional Mascara – 10 Noir Black


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Discover the ultimate in mascara innovation with Product A, designed to deliver an immediate, natural 3D makeup transformation. This revolutionary formula ensures your lashes achieve remarkable volume, length, curl, and perfect separation.

Crafted with a sophisticated blend of ingredients, including rice wax and specialized polymers, Product A enriches your lashes with unparalleled volume, length, and curl. Carnauba wax and beeswax contribute to a lustrous finish, further enhancing the volumizing effect.

Product A features an advanced elastomer brush with ultra-thin bristles meticulously designed for precise application and optimal adherence. This synergy between brush and formula guarantees a flawless 3D makeup result without a trace of clumping.

Tested by ophthalmologists, Product A ensures safety and comfort for your eyes.

Instructions for use:
1. Load the mascara brush until the bristles are fully coated.
2. Sweep from the base to the tips of your lashes.
3. For a wide-eyed effect, apply to lower lashes as well.

For optimal results, apply Product A over LA BASE MASCARA.

Transform your lashes with Product A and experience the perfect blend of science and beauty for unparalleled 3D lash perfection.

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