Vipera Black Fake Eyelashes – 12 Black Swang


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Discover a stunning array of fake eyelashes and eyelash tufts designed to enhance your eyes in various styles. Our collection includes subtle finishes that mimic natural lashes, cross-weave types for a three-dimensional effect, and cat-eye styles that create a diagonal arrangement for an “opened” eye appearance.

For those seeking a romantic look, we offer bold eyelashes that provide a solid effect. Add a touch of glamour to your party look with options adorned with silver glitter, or opt for extreme styles that make a statement.

Our eyelash tufts, featuring a mix of three lengths (20 short, 20 medium, 20 long), beautifully enhance your natural lashes, giving them a fuller appearance. These tufts are delicately concentrated along the upper lash line to open up and enlarge the eyes, enhancing your facial beauty.

To apply, ensure the lashes fit your eye size by trimming if necessary. Apply glue along the outer seam of the lash strip and allow it to dry slightly before placing it close to your natural lashes. Press gently on both ends to secure. For a seamless blend, apply mascara to blend your natural lashes with the false ones, and add liquid eyeliner along your upper lids for a natural look.

After use, remove false lashes using makeup remover to prevent eye irritation. To clean them, use a q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover to gently remove any leftover adhesive, eyeliner, or mascara.

Transform your look effortlessly with our versatile range of fake eyelashes and eyelash tufts, designed to suit every occasion and enhance your natural beauty.

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