Vipera Galaxy Glitter Sparkle Dust Eye Shadow – 117Q


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Product Description

Vipera Single Loose Eyeshadow Galaxy is available in 40 stunning colors.

This professional product has been cherished by creative makeup artists for years. They know that only loose shadows can achieve such exceptional pearlescence and shine.

When applied dry, it gives a subtle, shimmering effect on the eyelids with a mist of color and glistening particles. When applied wet, it creates bold, vibrant makeup with deep, rich colors. The incredibly pearly finish, combined with durability and water resistance, will delight those who love all-night carnival celebrations.


  • Lightweight and fluffy
  • Made from the highest quality mineral materials with a high concentration of glitter pigments
  • Shimmers in beautiful shades of gold or silver


  • Can be used alone or layered over other shadows to enhance their brilliance
  • Suitable for dry or wet application (with a liquid fixer) on the entire eyelid or to create striking lines along the lash roots
  • Ideal for body, nail, and hair decoration

How to Apply Wet Eyeshadows:

  1. Soak the eyeshadow applicator (a natural bristle brush works best) in a liquid color fixer.
  2. Apply the liquid directly to the eyelid, moistening it evenly, then cover with shadow.
  3. Alternatively, take the shadow on a damp brush and apply it to the eyelid.
  4. For evening looks, shade selected parts of the face and body to enchant with your unique charm in candlelight or lamplight.
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