What type of jeans make you look slimmer?

jeans make you look slimmer

When it comes to jeans for women, you’ll come across so many varieties in terms of their rise, leg shape and styles. There are countless jeans styles available and each will look different on your body, offering a different appearance on different bodies. Some jeans will give your legs an elongating effect, while others will make you slimmer or thinner or create an impression of a wider bottom than the actual one. 

If you want to look slimmer and thinner in a pair of jeans, we’ve rounded up the best options whenever you want to buy your next pair of jeans. 


What type of jeans make you look slimmer?

These are the jeans you can surely opt for whenever you want a slimming effect! 

Black Skinny Jeans!

  • Even though TikTok gave skinny jeans a bad reputation last year, they continue to be one of the most fashionable, wearable classic denim items available to us. Regardless of what tik tokers have to say about them, a pair of skinny jeans, specifically in black, can effortlessly make you appear thinner. They offer a nice stretch and fit perfectly with the most flattering fit. 
  • We recommend you opt for a pair of black skinny jeans for that nice fit and natural slimming effect. It’s no secret that wearing dark colours, especially black, is great for creating a slimmer illusion, so skinny jeans + black colour are a win-win game. 
  • Keep in mind to avoid very tight-fitting pairs that highlight the unflattering body parts, and limit movements while making you uncomfortable. 

Dark Wash Jeans!

  • If jeans in black are not for you, you can still look flattering and slim by finding additional variety. No matter what leg shape you are into, dark-wash denim jeans are always one of the best options for creating a lovely slimming effect for women having different body shapes and types. 
  • Choosing dark wash denim would be your best bet as it will offer you a slim look while keeping you in a classic denim colour family. 
  • Whiskering on jeans might not be a good option, especially around the crotch. Though it adds dimension to your legs, it makes them appear thicker, too. 
  • So, no whiskering would be great, or you can choose the fading that is not so prominent.  

Straight Leg Jeans!

  • Women’s straight-leg jeans were overlooked in the fashion world for quite some time, but they have just made a tremendous comeback. Luckily, straight-leg jeans are not just trendy, they can also make you look thinner. 
  • The obvious reason behind the slimming effect of straight-leg jeans is the established straight line that runs down the leg. 
  • As the straight leg does not feature any tapering or flaring within the leg, it’s one straight vertical line. This straight line creates an impression of elongated legs, making you look slimmer. 
  • A smart rule of thumb to get the most out of straight-leg jeans is sticking to mid-rise or high-rise waistbands when you want to get a slimming effect.  
  • These both rises will add a little length to your body. Plus, straight-leg jeans feature a little bit roomier fit when compared to skinny jeans, so most women prefer wearing them for a slimming effect than opting for skinny jeans.  
  • No matter which jeans you opt for for a slimming effect, just make sure to get a perfect fit, not too small nor too baggy. 

High-Rise Jeans! 

  • If you want a slender appearance, high-rise jeans are the perfect choice for you. 
  • The reason high-waisted or high-rise jeans are one of the best jeans to make you look slimmer or slender is they hit the smallest portion of your torso which helps in creating an illusion of a smaller waist. 
  • So, if there is a midsection or a muffin top problem, it’s a pair of high-waisted jeans to save your day and looks. The high rise hides all the unflattering features of your body, including a bulging stomach, creating a slimming effect. Additionally, the high rise creates a lifting effect on the legs, making them look elongated and longer.     

Skinny Straight Leg Jeans!

  • The skinny straight-leg jeans have recently become quite fashionable as the pair proves to be a perfect hybrid between skinny jeans and straight-leg jeans. 
  • It makes the ideal combo all wrapped up into one. Since these both styles are flattering individually and best for creating a slimming effect as well, you can be sure that these will be wonderful looking when combined. 
  • The fit will be more relaxed and comfy with a nice elongating and slimming effect. 


Boot-Cut Jeans!

  • The ultimate favourite go-to style of jeans when you are into looking slimmer and thinner is the ever-green, classic boot-cut jeans style. Bootcut jeans are one of those jeans styles that come and go in the trends but remain classic forever. 
  • When choosing a pair of bootcut jeans, go for a dark wash within a mid to high-rise fit for a nice and complementary slimming look. Plus, add high heels for a jazzed-up look. 

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