Flormar Camouflage Palette Concealer


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Introducing the Camouflage Palette Concealer, your ultimate tool for effectively concealing under-eye blemishes and various skin imperfections on your face. This versatile palette features different colors tailored for specific corrective purposes:

Green: Conceals acne or redness.
Lilac: Corrects pale, faded, and yellowish areas.
Pink: Alleviates dark circles and greenish areas.
Beige: Provides high coverage for problem areas.
Brightest Shade: Functions as a highlighter when desired.

How to Use:
1. Select the appropriate color from the palette based on your specific needs.
2. Apply the chosen concealer around the eyes or other areas of concern using a sponge or concealer brush.
3. For best results, prep your skin with eye care products before application.
4. Can be used as an ideal base for eye makeup.

Discover the comprehensive coverage and corrective capabilities of the Camouflage Palette Concealer, ensuring a flawless complexion and enhanced makeup application.

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