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GALAXY – Transformative Shades for a Radiant Look

GALAXY offers a range of spectacular, exclusive shades that professionals in the cosmetics industry consider essential for achieving a pearlescent, glowing effect. This avant-garde product combines shimmering and sparkling colors to create an irresistible luminescent glow. Feather-light and revolutionary, GALAXY blends the highest quality minerals, pigments, and ultra-fine powder.

Use it alone or blend with other eyeshadow shades to create captivating, illuminating effects.

Application Tips:

When applying GALAXY Loose Eye Shadow on dry skin, it creates a shimmering luminescent effect on the eyelid. For optimal results, ensure to use a VIPERA Fixer for Eyelids or Gelly Mineral Dream Cream by VIPERA (numbers 305 to 312) to allow the products to adhere effectively. Glitter makeup enhances with its tint and sparkle factor, making it ideal to layer over nude or colored shadows for an intense effect. The key challenge lies in maintaining the glitter’s placement throughout wear, which is where a Fixer becomes crucial.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Dab a small amount of Mineral Dream Cream basic eyeshadow (numbers 305 to 312) onto the eyelids as a primer.
  • For targeted application of Glitter, such as along the lash line, use an eye-safe VIPERA Fixer designed for glitter and loose eyeshadows. Apply the Fixer directly to the eyelid using the provided natural bristle brush, then apply Glitter over it.
  • For a more concentrated application, lightly scatter a small amount of Glitter over the Fixer using a Fixer brush to enhance its adherence.

Achieve a dazzling look with GALAXY that lasts and shines brilliantly throughout the day or night.

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